Pink Saltines (pinksaltines) wrote in stupidinterests,
Pink Saltines

Another stupid interest...

Anarchy should top the list of stupid interests.
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As the goal of anarchism, is it not a noble (if probably unattainable) persuit?
Why is it noble?

Anarchy is one of those words people throw around in order to sound "cool", without any kind of actual understanding of what true anarchy would entail.
It is certainly true that people throw around "anarchy" simply because they don't like the police or whatever, without any ideas about how anarchy as a political ideal could work. I don't suppose a sustainable democratic anarchist political system has ever been worked out, so you could say that nobody really understands "what true anarchy would entail."

But because there are undoubtedly people with some knowledge of politics who have an interest in anarchy as a political goal and who list it as an LJ interest, and as I am so far unconvinced that it is an ignoble pursuit, I see no reason to deem it an official stupid interest.
Perhaps "anarky" would work? I'm sure someone has that listed... yep, one community (Batman villians?) and nine users, including a user with the name (or title, but not username) Saten's daughter.
Perhaps "saten" should be an interest too.


maybe YOU should gain an actual understanding of the term.
This really gay kid at my school said we should have an anarchy so we can go around and kill, steal, rape and be able to get away with it.

"It's so fucking sweet!" that fag said. You know what? Without a government the world would be crazier than it is right now. Why would anyone want to live in a world with chaos everywhere? What if your family got killed or you did? I bet they won't be thinking anarchies are cool then.

People are just ignorant. They need to grow up and see what's real and stop saying something's "cool" just so people could think they're cool.