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Stupid Interests

You're stupid if you have this interest listed.
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This community exists to tell people that they're stupid for having these interests listed, if they do.

Fun reader quote #1:
"oh, and im not what id call stupid, and neither would mensa. but whats that really count these days? half of all MENSA members are jsut rich morons who boguht their way in."

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(punk, 14/88, 1950's, 311, 80's, ?, acid wash jeans, add me, adolph hitler, aleister crowley, ana, anti-britney, anti-guns, anti-hot-topic, astral projection, astrology, attitude, beauty, being a bitch, being hott, being original, being spiritual, bettie page, bettie paige, betty page, big bad voodoo daddy, bill o'reilly, black chucks, boys boys boys, britney, burlesque, cellar door, cheese (lol), chris kattan, christian goth, christina ricci, chronic, cibo matto, cigars, creation science, creed, cuban cigars, deep movies, deep songs, dkny, donnie darko, drummers, dualism, eating pussy, emo, emo boys, extreme sports, faeries, freedom of speach, friendships that last forever, gash, going to the mall, gothic, gothic christian, government cheese, gratefulness, guitarists, gwen stefani, hardxcore, hatexcore, hentai, herion, heterosexuals, hot topic, hott guys, howie day, hunger, idm, intelligent dance music, jd salanger, jebus, jennifer aniston, jesus is lord, john waters, killing cops, kneeling, le sigh, limp bizkit, magick, majik, masturbation, megadeth, mia, michael savage, molly shannon, mozart, my band, napolean dynamite, national socialism, nationalism, new hotness, night at the roxbury, nightwish, non-ugly, not another teen movie, occult, oi, omg, plur, pr0n, pro-mia, psychonaut, rating communities, raves, raving, righteousness, riot grrl, riot grrrl, ronald reagan, rush limbaugh, satan, satanism, sean hannity, sexy people, shakesphere, sheri oteri, shoegaze, shopping, sims clothes, spontaneous ppl, spooky kids, subwoofers, sugar ray, suger ray, tbn, ted nugent, the goddess, the supertones, the waterboy, trance, tv, vaginas, vegitarian, white people, wolfgang amadeus mozart, wreslting, wtf, xtreme, xxx, you,